Sara Kristina Model of the Month March 2015 interview

You elect Sara Kristina as your Model of the Month March 2015 (click here to access the full results). To celebrate her title, here is an HD video made from her Playboy Plus Behind the Scene interviews and our exclusive interview she kindly answered.

Hi Sara,

First of all, congratulation for having been elected Model of the Month March 2015 on a Tribute to Playboy. Even if it’s not an official title, it means Playboy fans who regularly come on this site have appreciated your beauty.
Then let’s start the interview.

In one of your pictorial introduction, you said “For me, it all started with The Girls Next Door.” I assume you were a great fan of the TV serie when you were a teenager but didn’t you look at a Playboy magazine (owned by your dad, brother or boyfriend) before deciding to become a Playboy model ?

Actually, growing up I never found any Playboy copies laying around or anything. I just always knew what Playboy was and who Hugh Hefner was. I knew that the most beautiful women in the world were in Playboy and would always gaze at the magazine in news stands and convenient stores. Girls Next Door just really gave the inside look to the magazine and everything that goes into it. I just knew one day I had to be a part of Playboy!

I completely see what you mean, being to shy to become a photographer, I’ve find my way to be a part of Playboy as a webmaster.
Beside your modeling career you’re also a bartender, did some customers in Winnipeg recognize you after the publication of your first pictures on Playboy Plus ?

Yes bartending you meet A LOT of people daily. I remember just after my second shoot was released I was working at a nightclub in downtown Winnipeg and a couple of guys came up to me like “Omg! Are you Sara Kristina!” They said they were fans and asked for a picture. It was so adorable I loved it! Winnipeg isn’t the biggest city so I feel like I know a lot of people who live here already, so that was super cool to see some fans in my home town!

With the internet, you’ve got fans all over the world now ;-).
After Meghan Leopard in January and Kellie Smith in February, you’re the third Canadian model in a row to be elected Model of the Month. Will you say Canadian girls have something different due to the weather or the culture ?

For me, as much as I love being Canadian I think that being up here there are much less modeling opportunities than in the US. I almost feel like I need to try harder, and want it more. Especially with pretty much everything Playboy related being out of the country. Us, Canadian girls, have given Playboy a lot of great names and playmates (Jayde Nicole, Stephanie Branton, Khloe Terae are some of my faves!). I don’t think that it has anything to do with culture or anything just that we simply have to make that extra effort and want it more!

I better understand now. Concerning your model career, do you get already some modeling opportunity following your Playboy sets ?

Yes! I hoped Playboy would open lots of doors for me modeling wise. I’ve been getting emails from other modeling agencies wanting to shoot which is very exciting! I want to take every opportunity I can! There is not much work here in Winnipeg so I am hoping to get down to LA very soon – def expect to see more from me!

Great news, we all expect to see more pictures and videos from you!
You shot for Playboy Plus with Cassandra Keyes. Was it easier for you to get nude in front of the camera because the photographer was a woman ?

Shooting with Cassandra was perfect for my first time. When I got the email from Playboy saying that they were going to fly me out to BC and the photographer would let me know the rest of the details, it was kind of nerve racking. First thought was that it could be a creepy guy that I would be staying/shooting with but to my relief I got a phone call right after from a cute sounding female who was so excited for our Canadian shoot! Cassandra also has lots of experience in front of the camera which was super helpful for my first professional photoshoot!

For you first professional shoot you did a great job with Cassandra offering all Playboy fans some colourful, sexy and gorgeous pictures. But I should admit that because of your stunning body, the hairstyle and the make-up, I didn’t notice at first time your beautiful eyes. So, if I have to choose for your next Playboy set, I would love to see you with a more classic hairstyle and lighter make-up. This choice should highlight the beauty of your eyes and give a Girl Next Door look to the pictures. What do you think about it ?

Yes I completely agree. As much as I loved my hair and make up for these shoots, if I got the chance to do another pictorial I would love to do a more relaxed almost beach type look! (Shooting on the beach wouldn’t be too bad either!). I definitely can relate that sometimes natural beauty is the best beauty!

Right, glamour shots on the beach are always great, but concerning the hair color choice don’t ask me to choose, you’re beautiful in both styles, blonde and brunette!

Ever since the first time I went to the blonde side when I was around 19 it’s been a back and forth thing. I love being blonde and a lot of the time do think that blondes have more fun, especially with summer coming! But it is just so bad for my hair! So I think I’ll be sticking with my natural born brunette locks at least for a while longer. I totally would love to shock everyone with a blonde Playboy shoot if I got the chance though… Hehe.

All the fans who have voted for you hope you will get the chance to shoot for Playboy in the next following months.
Thank you Sara for this interview, and I wish you all the best in your modeling career.

Frederic Stephan
Playboy fan for 30 years !

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Sara Kristina

Model of the Month March 2015

  • Birthdate : October 08, 1991
  • Birthplace : Winnipeg, Canada
  • Height : 5' 7"
  • Weight : 115 lbs
  • Measurements : 32DD-24-34