A New Era Is Coming

August 4, 2018 in Cybergirls

After “A Tribute to Playmates” TGP and blog, “A Tribute to Playboy Playmates” first responsive blog and this “Tribute to Playboy” blog, welcome in a new era with “A Tribute to Beauty”.
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From several years, Playboy managers have taken decision that drastically change the Playboy I was loving from 1984 (first magazine I bought at 14yo) to 2012.
– Removing the election of the Cybergirl of the Month by the members (2012).
– Using whitening filters in pictures sets (2012-2014).
– Changing playmates photographers by supermodels photographers who didn’t know anything about Entertainment for Men (2013-2016).
– Having weird video post-production colors, lights and contrast in some sets (from 2014).
– Using artistic filters in some pictures sets (from 2014).
– Removing the nudes in the magazine (2016) and now nobody cares about who is the Playmate.
– Choosing who ever they want as CGOM not even taking care of the members likes (end of 2017).
– Changing the rules of CGOY 2018 election without informing anybody (15 days instead of 2 months).
– And finally, not renewing Holly Randall contract as a Playboy photographer (2018).
Too much is too much for me and so I can no longer associate my work to the Playboy name. The current Playboy is too far away from what I would like him to be. I will still build galleries promoting Playboy (still hoping for a change) but I will start promoting other brand on the new site.