Kellie Smith Model of the Month February 2015 interview

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You elect Kellie Smith as your Model of the Month February 2015 (click here to access the full results). To celebrate her title, here is an HD video of her Playboy Plus Behind the Scene interview and our exclusive interview she kindly answered.

Hi Kellie,

I’m pleased to make my first interview with you, I hope A Tribute to Playboy fans, that have just elected you as their Model of the Month February 2015, will like it and that this interview will be the first of many.

After a few shots for Payboy Fresh Faces in December 2010, you were Cybergirl of the Week in March 2011. All fans were happy to see you back on Playboy Plus in December 2014 but what have you done as a model during these three years?

In the past 3 years I actually only did one photoshoot at 360 Fabrication. I became a mom in those years so I took some time off from modeling to focus on my daughter.

In 2011, you were a gorgeous brunette and now you’re a stunning blonde. When and why did you changed your hair color ?

I changed my hair color after having my little one. I had dark hair for 4 or 5 years and I was just over it and wanted something new. New chapter of my life = new look!

We could see in the video that your butts tatto is covered with make-up. Is it your choice or does Playboy Plus asked you to cover it ?

I actually have 3 tattoo’s and Playboy covered all them. They like to please all readers and not everyone is a tattoo fan and mine are quite large so they did their best to cover them up. Unfortunately that is a much harder task in video than from photo. The make up artist had her work cut out for her that day!

When it comes to guys, which qualities the man of your dreams should have?

The man of my dreams is honest and humble. I want a man who is loyal and appreciates the simplicity of life and the love that goes with it.

Your birthplace is Walnut Grove in British Columbia, Canada. Is it for real or are you a big fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” ? Cause you know for everybody around the world, Walnut Grove is the home of Laura Ingalls even if the Minnesota town is much smaller than the BC one.

Walnut Grove is a small community so everyone sort of knows everyone. I like living in the suburbs. I have no real interest in ever living in a city.

I completely understand your point of view as I also live away from a city, but how did people from Walnut Grove, BC, react when they learned you shot nude for Playboy ?

Most people who know me from Walnut Grove knew that I always loved Playboy and it was something I talked about doing, so I don’t think it came as much of a shock to people.

As Playboy fans, our first contact with the Playboy world has a special place in our souvenir. When did you watched your first Playboy magazine and when did you decide to do your best to become a Playboy model ?

I was so excited to see my first playboy back in 2010. I remember driving to a few corner stores and literally buying every single one! LOL I think I did that will all 4 of the Playboy Special Edition magazines I was featured in.
Nothing yet in the future for Playboy Plus, but my fans can expect to see me in Playboy International this year!

Wow! You mean you will feature in a foreign Playboy magazine. Don’t forget to inform us when you will know for which one and with which photographer ?

I was fortunate to have shot with world renown photographer Mark Frazier for Playboy International so definitely excited for these photos to be released sometime in 2015. I will post on my social media when I have release dates. I have a few opportunities in the making right now so fingers crossed!

To conclude the interview, any kind words to your fans that will read it ?

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. I sense big things for 2015!”

Thank you Kellie for your answers and I join all fans who voted for you to wish you all the best to become Cybergirl of the Month soon, we would be so glad to admire you in some more Playboy pictorials!

Frederic Stephan
Playboy fan for 30 years !

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Kellie Smith

Model of the Month February 2015

  • Birthdate : January 31, 1989
  • Birthplace : Walnut Grove, BC, Canada
  • Height : 5' 3"
  • Weight : 118 lbs
  • Measurements : 34DD-27-37